John R Whitaker

Grinding from $2nl all the way up to getting supernova and supernova elite sounds daunting. How many hands are you trying to log per week, and what's your overall strategy for improvement other than simply logging hands?

My original plans for hitting these goals were based on some things happening in my life that were going to allow me to put in some crazy hours doing this. This is no longer the case and I’m putting more effort into working on my game than I am in trying to put in crazy volume. In other words, no Supernova or Supernova Elite for a while for me.

Progress Update

Well, after reevaluating my goals for the year and deciding to work on my game more, I’m extremely happy with the results. I’ve switched to playing 6-max NLH and dropped the number of tables that I’m playing to just a few.

I’ve only put in 775 hands, but the results have been great. I’ve won $12.78 playing 5NL exclusively, which works out to 32.98bb/100. What I’m happy about even more than that is that I’ve been working on opening up my game a little wider and not playing as tight as I have been in the past. My current stats are that I’m playing a 23.9 VPIP%, 22 PFR%, 5.6 3Bet% and am starting to feel really comfortable in it. It’s not quite to an automated point for me, but as I get more comfortable with it, I’m going to start adding in more tables.

New Goals For 2011

Well, I’ve boiled it all down and have decided on what my poker goals for 2011 will be. I’ve decided that I’m going to use this year to really work on my game. I’m going to scale back the number of tables that I play and concentrate on playing an effective LAG game. This will be a good opportunity to maximize my money making opportunities in the future. I’ll slowly add tables as I feel comfortable and keep a close eye on my stats to make sure that they aren’t dropping too much. I also won’t move up stakes until my bankroll dictates AND I feel extremely comfortable with the stake I’m currently at. This way if things don’t work out at the new level, I’ll feel comfortable enough in moving down and knowing that I can build back up to take another shot down the road.

2011 Goals - Rethinking

Well, looks like I’m going to be revisiting and rethinking my poker goals for 2011. My plan for reaching Supernova this year to make a run at Supernova Elite next year were very dependant on some things happening in my personal life that are no longer happening. I’m definitely going to have to rethink this and come up with some new goals for the year.

2011 Poker Goals

I took a couple of weeks to think about it, and have finally figured out my goals for poker for 2011. I didn’t have a lot of time to do this at the end of the year, so that’s why I’m a little late to the party.

My overall goal for 2011 is to reach Supernova on Pokerstars. This is definitely a stretch goal, but I definitely think that it’s achievable. If I’m able to achieve that this year, then next year I may consider taking a shot at Supernova Elite. There are a few things happening outside of poker in my life that may put me in an ideal situation to take a real shot at this next year.

This year Supernova would only be worth around $4,500 of value to me, but would get me to a point where I’m earning FPPs much faster next year. If I made Supernova Elite next year it would be worth over $100,000 in value, so there is definitely some major incentive to make it.

The first part of this goal is to get to a point in my bankroll and winrate that I’m playing 12 tables of 10NL by March 15th. This will be my first indicator of whether I’m ready to take a shot at this or not. I’m hoping to make it to this point well before then, but that is the initial goal. As part of making Supernova this year, I will also need to advance through the different levels so that I’m playing 100NL by years end.

I’ll be updating my progress periodically on here as well as posting various hands of interest.

Current VPPs: 294.69
VPP Goal: 100,000
Current Level: 2NL

I apologize

Oh dear blog, how I’ve neglected you. This year will be different, we won’t go weeks without talking and I promise to give you more focus and purpose.

Moving Right Along

Well, things are going even better. I’ve started making some real progress in 5NL and also have started taking shots at 10NL with some success too. Also, my volume is definitely where I want it to be at this point. Also, I was noticing that if I make Silverstar, I’m not very far away from my next VIP steller reward, so I should really be shooting towards that goal.

Hands: 1,334
bb/100: 13.38 
Profit: $3.57 

Hands: 7,040 
bb/100: -0.48
Profit: -$1.68 

Hands: 1,756 
bb/100: 8.21
Profit: $14.41 

Hands: 10,130 
bb/100: 2.85
VPPs: 254 (536 left)
Profit: $16.30

Reverb10 - Prompt 5: Let Go

This past year I have let go of “stuff.” That isn’t my cute way of not answering the question, but is the actual situation. I’ve made a decision to eliminate all of the extra “stuff” that I have in my life. Some might call this minimalism, and to some degree I would too. I hesitate to use that term, however, as I view minimalism as being something that is much more extreme than what I am doing. My focus is more on just getting rid of the things that I do not need or use that just take up space in my life.

Reverb10 - Prompt 4: Wonder

My daughter is one of the biggest senses of wonder that I have in my life. This past year I’ve concentrated more and more on cultivating that sense of wonder in my life through her. I’m amazed every day by her. The things that she says, the things that she does, her outlook on life is truly amazing. I’ve learned that there is so much that can be learned through her and want to continue to focus on learning these lessons in the new year.